Common Sense For A New Era: Global Technocracy

Common Sense For A New Era: Global Technocracy by a New Hampshirite Introduction The state of human affairs has been perpetually tumultuous, specifically, within the public sphere of central governments, the political and military apparatus called the "state", and continues to be the machinery presenting the supreme threat against freedom, with wanton malice, for people... Continue Reading →

Do We Live in a Universe or a Multiverse?

By Jason Gallien Why are we taught in school that we live in a 3D Universe, when in reality, we live in a multidimensional Multiverse? I'm no physicist, nor a priest, yet I know there is an unknown world we fail to perceive through sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. I have faith in it's... Continue Reading →

Is There A War Fomenting In California?

By Jason Gallien (Excerpt from Inspiration From A Social Media Bandit Volume 2: Journal Entries) I first heard about the California Secessionist movement a number of years ago and didn't think much of it; there are secessionist movements all around the United States from Texas to New Hampshire. However, something about the "movement" in California... Continue Reading →

Freedom and Liberty; Rights and Privileges.

By Jason Gallien (Excerpt from Inspiration From A Social Media Bandit) Originally, my plan was to briefly write about the difference between two words and their subsequent meanings: freedom verses liberty. However, in modern times–and particularly within the realm of civil society and politics–these two terms are often used interchangeably, so I decided to add... Continue Reading →

The Key

By Jason Gallien Chi is the key to maintain energy and it helps me stay healthy and wealthy It tells me, "the well is deep" Compels me to well being foretell the unseen, shoot light beams They say it's a pipe-dream to slight me, to fight me I gotta pale complexion, but don't ever take... Continue Reading →

For the Declaration of Indivisible, Individual, Unalienable Sovereignty with Full Disclosure of the Facts and Remedy or Restitution

By Jason Gallien (Excerpt from Inspiration From A Social Media Bandit) For the right to exercise indivisible, individual, unalienable sovereignty over my flesh and blood, my land and my spirit, also known as my estate, I, the undersigned flesh and blood and spiritual being, declare by the derivative power of the Most High, One and... Continue Reading →

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